Women’s Halloween costumes make me mad.

Us too. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new trend.

Who gives a shit, we like wearing slutty costumes, stop trying to get us to stop. Cunts, stop censoring us, I was a slutty schoolgirl tonight, I’ll be a slutty witch for Samhain, DEAL WIF IT YA TWAT, it’s not a problem at all. Let me get my tits and “internalised mysogyiny” (or whatever shit you spout) out. I’m drunk and horny and I’m speaking my goddamn anti-feminazi mind


Anonymous asked:

Does coming home to those faces ever get old?

6woofs answered:

Nope :] And they’re so good too. Kiba’s the only one that’ll jump up on me to say hi (he’s still learning, bless him). Usually I lean down to snuggle them all and get whacked by furry tails, and then Timber trots off WOO’ing really loudly around the house (she’s about to woo in that photo). Once I change out of work clothes, we sit down on the bed and get some pack hugs and scratchies in.

I love them.

is makes me really happy.  It might be that I’m drunk, but it still makes me really happy.  I’m so glad you love your dogs <3